Chapter 30: Beneath the Surface

30:6 Do not add to his words, or he will rebuke you and prove you a liar.

      I understand how this verse can evoke very different reactions from those who read it. Based on one's experience and perspective, these words could seemingly reinforce whatever their view.
      This verse offers little to those who have grown up with and have only known an austere God who is always saying no. For such a person, this verse simply becomes another example of "thou shalt not" and not being allowed to think for oneself.
      But for someone, like me, who has been in a relationship with a loving, caring God who invites us to appreciate the incredible universe He created this verse means something entirely different. I feel encouraged to explore and examine – even ask questions – about the physical universe and history. That's how archaeology got into my blood.
      When I do my work I don't feel like I'm challenging God but simply trying to understand Him, His Word, His world and how He works better. Admittedly, there is plenty I don't and never will understand. Sometimes what we do find even causes me to change what I have always thought was truth. As a believer, I never have to be afraid of the truth!
      So, as an archaeologist, what I have found has simply illuminated my understanding of His Word. The message of the Bible has changed and empowered my life, so I'm not afraid of what I will find if I keep asking questions.
      So, if you are not as certain about His Word as I am, go ahead and ask questions. The Bible can be trusted and will be found consistent with all truth in the universe. You need to get comfortable with what it says, so its message can change and empower your life like it has done for me.