Chapter 19: Beneath the Surface

19:12 A king's rage is like the roar of a lion, but his favor is like dew on the grass.

      This is the first of numerous mentions of a lion in Proverbs (19:12; 20:2; 22:13 (ari); 26:13 (ari); 28:1, 15 (ari); 30:30). There are different Hebrew terms and this one is a "young lion" as opposed to the general term for lion or the special term for old lion.
      The young lion was lively and active, willing to prove himself and might try almost anything – believing he could do it. Think Simba after his self-imposed desert exile in the "Lion King" movie.
      I have excavated 10 seasons at Khirbet el-Maqatir in Israel. We dig in the summer, after the rainy season is over and it does not rain. Our dig headquarters is at a delightful place called Yad Hashmona in the central mountains.
      Dig days begin with wake up at 3:45AM, breakfast at 4:15, on the bus at 4:45. While not a regular occurrence, some mornings the dew is so thick it drips off the roof. While that doesn't mean much to me today, I can imagine the ancients getting out of their tents in the morning and appreciating the moisture.
      With water and bathing at a minimum, especially in the summer, wiping some morning dew on their faces as a sort of ancient "sponge bath" would not seem out of the question. It wasn't much and didn't last long, but it was probably one of life's little pleasures every now and then.